SharePoint 2010

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Best Weather Widget?

I just used this on my site and stripped the non essential code out of it, but the bottom line is that this thing is great for SharePoint 2010. And it even has a 4-day forecast built in!

The issue is that SharePoint will duplicate any javascript that you throw into a webpart's source. So that rules out 90% of the weather widgets out there. This widget is Flash based and works flawlessly. Enjoy.


  1. new v3 doesnt work so well for me though...

  2. Some help please!!!!!!!
    Any idea how to implement it on SharePoint 2010 site?
    a walk through is highly appreciated

  3. Yo Window weather widget is actually the best. I totally loved it and did it for our official site. Here are the steps quickly.

    1. Page -> Edit -> Insert -> Web Parts -> Media and Content -> Content Editor

    2. On the Content Editor -> Edit Web Parts -> Click on the "Click here to add Content" to bring the cursor control to the where content is to displayed.

    3. On the Top Tool bar click - Editing Tools -> Format Text Sub-Tab -> HTML option -> Edit HTML Code

    4. On the blank area paste the source code of the widget and OK

    5. Finally Apply -> Ok for the Web Part Editor. Save and Close

  4. Can the User who is logged in, set the weather for their location and it stays the same location each time they log on?

  5. Thank you, this worked perfectly :)